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. we did a consent agreement with them earlier this year that called for a number of actions to happen because we do need better services for the citizens of detroit. they deserve it. and we need to achieve results. the problem is the mayor and the city council haven't been able to get on the same page. we are going through the process now of saying if they don't get it done, we are going to start a review, hopefully next week, that will go on for 30 days to say if it doesn't get done, there are other actions, including emergency managers that we should be considering for detroit. so i'm clearly encouraging the city and the mayor to get these issues on the table, have them work together and get resolutions so we can move forward and get detroit growing again. >> explain to me the emergency managers. does that mean the state steps in and does the job for them? is that what you mean? >> yeah. in michigan we've had a statute for some time. we had some controversy and we're under the old statute now. this goes back to many years where we had emergency manager status. they can come in, work
of the victims. today white house press secretary jay carney warned that no single action or piece of legislation will prevent shootings like friday's attack. >> crowds lined up for the first of 26 funerals starting with 6-year-old noah pozner. they fell fwhook the ritual of never knowing again. >> they won't be able to drive go on the first date. >> it doesn't just break our hearts, it shatters them. >> neither senate leader called for any new gun laws. >> it was tied to the crusade they knew about. >> taking positions on common sense measure that is he believes should be taken to help address this problem. he made clear that more needs to be done. >> far more hesitant than the president at that dramatic prayer service. >> i will use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens from law enforcement and mental health professionals to parents and educators in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. because what choice do we have? >> today new york city mayor michael bloomberg mocked the idea of the fiscal cliff might distract the ability to come together on gun con
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takes any action, it should study the situations in eastern europe and russia where most guns are banned. hasn't cut down on gun violence, however. as those countries have a higher murder rate than the usa. also the gun murder rate here in america has almost been cut in half in the past 20 years. talking points wants a sane country with smart public safety measures. do we need semiautomatic rifles to be easily available? that's a worthy debate. and there are strong points on each side. clearly we the people, have to take a tough look at our violent society and find some effective solutions without violating constitutional rights. a very difficult situation, but we have to try. that's a memo. now for the top story, reaction. joinings from phoenix, alan gottlieb, founder of the second amendment foundation, national rifle association, would not provide, would not provide a spokesperson this evening. so do you have any give at all? is there any area that you would compromise as far as new laws making it more difficult to obtain certain weapons? >> first, bill, let me say i thought your talk
. >> the only way we'll get action on this debt. we keep spending and spending and raising our debt by $6 trillion every obama term. that's what catastrophic. the republicans need to stick to the boehner rule. a dollar of spending cuts for every dollar in spending increases. why give in on taxes and the fiscal cliff fight when you will have all the leverage. megyn: simon? >> in the rasmussen poll that came out today the republicans lost 10 points since the election in the congressional generic fight. they are losing this economic argument right now. if they pull what mark is saying, you are going to see the republican party's numbers in the 20s. they have no leverage on this thing. >> not going to happen. megyn: we'll leave it at that. thank you both. just ahead. a much more somber note. new warning about the sarin gas threat in syria. city drivers claim a class action that the traffic cameras are actually rigged. soot whole world is watching and the president of the united states made clear there will be consequences if the assad regime makes a terrible mistake by using these chemical we
move beyond dialogue. we need action. martha: a lot of conversations along those lines in the last couple days. at a vigil in washington for the victims at sandy hook elementary, connecticut congresswoman and democrat rosa delora, say reasonable people need to come together to find screenable ways to prevent gun violence. here she is. >> we who serve in this institution need to take steps that are going to insure that these tragedies will not happen again. like insuring better access to quality mental health care, and yes, i belief in strengthening our gun control laws. martha: democrat frank lautenberg and dianne feinstein saying in the next congress they will reintroduce the bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. lots more to be said about all of that. bill: talk of renewing gun control debate sends sale of firearms soaring. gun store owners said they see increased sale for ammunition which is some say is easier to ban than the weapons themselves. some stores reporting busiest days they have seen in years. >> big-time, friday and saturday especially the place was ju
. these people are responsible for their actions. but if we don't look at that cause, if we don't learn to see it, understand it, see the signs, and learn how to intervene, as parents, educators, friends, citizens of this nation, we will see this cycle repeat again and again. we need to look at it, to get over our own discomfort. to identify the signs, and to be able to learn to intervene. and secondly, if we know that we have a child who is violent, who is out of control, who is in fact suffering from these kinds of symptoms, we need to take them to a hospital, to a:i can to a doctor like myself and not leave them in the presence of something. megyn: i have 50 seconds. 60 seconds before hard break. but i have to get this in. is there a place for them in the system? do we commit them? is it just the -- >> is there a place? megyn: place for people who haven't committed a crime but don't necessarily warrant commitment? >> megyn, hear is the place. the place is in our own minds. as members of this community to identify the signs so that we can take them to the places where we can give them the treat
speaking taking some sort of dramatic action, the reporters are trying to put more meat on the bones and press how quickly the president will move. what specifically will the president support? jake carney was vague. >> as you know the president has taken positions on common sense measures that he believes should be taken to address this problem but he made clear that more needs to be done and we as a nation have not done enough to fulfill our number one obligation which is to protect our children. >>reporter: you can hear the questions about gun control but he struggled with explaining what, specifically, the president might do other than the one point you played earlier about supporting the ban on assault weapons, senator feinstein of california said she is about to reintroduce that at going of january. >> you can debate gun violence or many things on this, i mentioned mental health, and violent movies, video games, prescription medication, the relationship between a parent and a son but there appears to be pressure from some republican members of the party. what is happening on th
150,000. you take the president's actions. the president doesn't want to get an agreement or compromise he wants to get his way. he won't come to the table with any serious proposal because we can get a solution everybody can live with. >>> they have a bit of a messaging problem. i don't understand why there's not more of a conversation that starts with the fact these taxes go up. democrats would not extend what has been a republican proposal to keep them low. they are in place now and that's a republican package. if that doesn't happen the democrats taxes are higher. i am not hearing the clarity of that. why not? >> the orchestrated media wants to give you two myths. the president hasn't come from the table with anything. all he does is press conferences. the second thing they wanted to give you the illusion if the tax rates go up on everybody above # 200,000 that solves all of the problems. what i suggest to the speaker and majority leader the past two weeks is i suggested they take a major conference hall to the capital and every morning the speaker the majority leader
is warning assad that the whole world is watching his actions very closely, and if he were to use chemical weapons on his own people, it would clearly have large consequences for him. bill: secretary of state hillary clinton called an emergency meeting with the pentagon. >> the pentagon has contingency plans for everything including the chemical attack. it's believed according to a u.s. source that syria has put this sarin fast into cannisters that could be dropped from planes. these cannisters are designed to fracture so the devastating nerve gas could escape. but it's not known whether syria intends to use those chemical weapons. we think we have it in aerosol form. the u.s. is making contingency plans in case bashar al-asaad leaves the country suddenly and flees somewhere for asylum which would leave a vacuum there. several countries in that region are trying to find a place for assad to go. secretary of state hillary clinton has a just-added meeting today in dublin, ireland. here you see her earlier today. she and the russian minister decided to meet with the envoy to syria. across bar
illegally. that is not what the case is doing. maybe the family wants to bring a wrongful death action against his estate. that is a legal recourse. in terms of the possession of the weapon, right now, it doesn't appear there is any -- >> bob: how about investigate possibility of looking in extending the gun law to check in background of people's mental stability to buy a gun? democrat is on the books. >> greg: i don't have a problem with what bob is talking about at all. costas immediately go to the ban thing, extremist perspective, like when you talk about pro-life. like even in term of rape. that happens with guns. if you say ban guns serve like you just lost me. >> bob: costas never said ban guns. not once. he's talking about gun culture. >> greg: he's saying taking away guns. >> dana: talk about dirty harry and wild, wild west is the reason. there are many other movies you could point to. >> kimberly: demeaning to athletes. >> dana: we are going to move on. catch bill o'reilly's interview with bob costas on factor at 8:00 eastern. coming up, greg will talk about the california tea
border. despite all the action from drones it remains a safe haven in so many ways to our enemy, a big problem. al kuwaiti took over for the man on the screen who was killed in a strike in june. jon: amid word top brass at the state and defense departments as well as senior intelligence officials knew eastern libya was a hub for jihadists for years long before the deadly terror attack september 11th that killed four americans including our ambassador to libya. new questions now about the level of the security at the u.s. consulate and why our people were put in harm's way in the first place. joining us now, senator john barrasso, republican from wyoming. chairman of the republican policy committee and sifrs on the foreign relations committee. you received a letter from john kerry, the committee chairman, saying that hillary clinton, the secretary of state is expected to testify before the end of the term. how critical is her testimony, senator? >> well i think it is very important to have hearings with hillary and they need to be in my opinion open and on the record. there are so many
were saying it's perhaps struck the right tone. maybe there will be some action. but there is a way to have a reason debate to find out the best solution. jay carney, when pressed today on exactly what the president is going to do, was not very specific at all. didn't have a clear battle plan at all. so didn't even have a time line of how quickly he would move. take a listen. >> i think that it's part of it, but it is far from all of it. as you know, the president has taken positions on common sense measures that he believes should be taken to help address this problem, but he made clear that more needs to be done. >> that was a question about gun control, not as specific and firm in terms of the president last night, saying that he really wants to do something to protect children, although we're told that this afternoon, the president, the vice president sat down with a few cabinet secretaries here at the white house to figure out what they might do in the days ahead. it wasn't just the attorney general who would handle gun control. also education secretary and the health secretary
americans. >> there are growing calls for action nearly two years since president obama signed a 9/11 compensation act. it set aside $3 billion for people that got sick or injured during the ground zero attacks. to date, ground zero workers have not received a dime. $875 million was to be distributed in the first five years and the rest in 2016. >> heather: a big blow to al-qaeda after second in command is killed in a drone strike. pakistani intelligence officials said he was killed in pakistan's tribal region last week. he had appeared in videos released and was presented as a religious scholar for the group. officials say that he was promoted to second in command earlier this year. >> gregg: a daring rescue of an american doctor who was abducted by the taliban in afghanistan. u.s. and afghan forces working together in the pre-dawn raid launching the critical mission as soon as intelligence showed the doctor was in grave danger. peter doocy reporting fm washington. >> taliban insurgents held the doctor captive in the mountains of afghanistan 50 miles from the pakistan border for m
opinion as shifted. the court has affirmative action and voting rights case so it's a significant turn for the supreme court on issues of equality. when it comes to this issue, it comes down to you -- you said abortion, people are thinking about a 1967 case, loving vs. virginia in which they said it's legal for people of different races to marry. is it the case that a gay couple has the same rights as a heterosexual couple. a narrow ruling would be seen as dodging the issue, kicking the can down the road. is it your constitutional right to marry the person of your choice in this country? this is an issue that is the way that the proponents of gay rights are putting it before the court is let's look at the states and allow the states to make the decision and if that's the case, i think they are backing away from the larger issue. the larger issue has to be that the court would say it's constitutional or not. >> chris: what about the argument that happened in abortion and obviously if you're pro choice you think that was great. but because of the court coming in and setting this rule fro
what action, if any he is willing to take. are the media, are they asking the right questions and what are we to make of answers we got from mr. carney? >> they're interesting questions, that's for sure, megyn and in terms of the responses we saw from the white house press secretary yesterday and in recent days i think it really does come down to two points. one is politics and the other is practical reality. i think it is important to stipulate of course the president abhores these types of heinous and horrific acts. we all do. we're all mourning and just horrified what we saw. when the president spoke especially in the immediate aftermath he sort of had to compose himself. a father of two young girls. this is something that the nation comes together to mourn over but at the end of the day he is still the president of the united states and politics is something that involves something prioritizing and actions speak louder than words. jay carney in a later clip you didn't play, to rank the priorities. is this a top priority? biel not try to rank those priorities. the fact is we've seen
as possible, moving down that path is the right course of action for us. >> the problem is, it is not clear that rank and file house republicans in his own caucus support just doing the smaller measure so it doesn't appear to have moved the ball forward. >>shepard: it doesn't sound like the white house is on with this? >> no, carney said it is dead on arrival and the big problem in the white house eyes is this would not raise enough revenue if you set the they hold $1 million or more. the president has wanted to set the threshhold of $250,000 or more, and jake carney says the president is moving toward the republicans and they are meet meeting halfway. >> the president has already moved halfway on revenue. more than halfway on spending cuts. that is by definition what compromise is about, meeting you halfway. the president is here. the republicans are here. the president has come halfway. the republicans have come this far. so we are close. >> they say they are close and they have been making baby steps of progress behind-the-scenes but in public we are seeing no sign they have moved that m
disciplinary action." so four americans are dead, no names are named, and no one's getting any disciplinary action. >> greta: catherine, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: okay. time is up. well, or almost. the fiscal cliff is fast approaching. speaker john boehner has a plan. >> i continue to have hope we can reach a broader agreement with the white house that would reduce spending as well as revenues on the table. >> greta: what is president obama's plan? rush limbaugh says it's a secret plan to decimate the republican party. here's rush limbaugh. >> the president, who will have engineered all of this, will then be able to steal from the republicans that which they are known for, a strong defense and low taxes. and in the process the president and his party will effectively decimate the republican party. that will make a lot of people very happy. hollywood, warren buffett, oprah, david letterman, you know, all your favorite people. what boehner is trying to do -- i don't know it's going to work, but i think offering this million dollar umbrella is essentially taking the revenue issue off
this and what can you do to affect change if washington so there's let political theater and more action? >> that's a major concern for members of congress. we're talking about the debt and deficit but the focus turned away from jobs. that's why i think the deal that is struck may not be if -- the cuts may not be effective immediately. maybe takes rates take a year to kick in because the economy is fragile. people who are out of a job don't want the economy to tank further. they want a job in 2013. congress has to be very careful to get a deal that actually doesn't put us back into recession. as you know, there's not a lot of confidence in congress so there's fear congress will mess it up. >> that's been the situation for a long time. people want to unfasten their seat belts on this. we'll keep a close eye on it. we appreciate you joining in. >> thank you. >> from down here on earth to up there in the lunar skies, marking a huge milestone in human spaceflight. can you believe it's been 40 years since we sent the last manned mission to the moon captivating a worldwide audience. neil cavut
his decisions from any legal action didn't aim to stop judicial work. in other words he wished the judges across the country hadn't walked out. but they did. he tried to make himself a dictator. so he has that problem. and maybe most importantly here is the latest word, he said he will not tolerate anyone working to overthrow a legitimate government. it is all about semantics here. you could certainly say they were working to overthrow the legitimate government. he forgot to mention the government was put in-law git matily has now changed -- legitimately has now changed. and if that stands there is clearly going to be trouble. egypt is at a turning point as mohamed morsi is speaking. anymore news of note i will bring it to you. >>> the white house vows if -- there will be consequences if syria uses sarin on its people. the sarin gas bombs are loaded, mixed and ready to go. all that stands in their way, an order from the syrian president assad. >> i can tell you that the president was very clear when he said that if the assad regime makes the tragic mistake of using chemical wea
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. >> we were fortunate we have the officer was well-trained and took the action she needed to take. i believe she saved as many lives as she had to save. >> reporter: the suspect shot at one man and fired at a police department patrol car in the parking lot. we don't know how many rounds he got off before the deputies stopped him. you can imagine people in the restaurant, the parking lot and theater were absolutely terrified. jenna. jenna: more on that story as we get it, heather. thank you. jon: turning attention to washington. new information breaking in the last hour that a backup plan is in the works for republicans in case the white house and congress can not reach a deal on the fiscal cliff by the end of the year. house speaker john boehner spoke about it a minutes ago. >> our plan b would protect american taxpayers who make a million dollars or less and have all of their current rates extended. i continue to have hope that we can reach a broader agreement with the white house that would reduce spending as well as have revenues on the table. jon: despite the existence of this pl
. and sitting at the table the senate and president are missing in action. >> alisyn: it's the president's address this weekend where i heard him sound the most definitive. he sounds like he will not budge on that $250,000 line for families and for businesses. there is he been a the lot of talk, will he raise it to a million. >> half a million. >> half a million? he said on this i am not willing to budge. >> and he has an election to back him up and polls to back him up. the polls show 6 5% of americans go ahead and tax the rich. >> clayton: and questions whether we'd go back to the clinton era, 37 somewhere? at the end of the day the point what mr. forbes was saying, if the president does nothing, yes, the taxes go back up to those previous rates and also, defense gets cuts. forget about, we're not talking see questions station much, b -- sequestration? >> did you see what's happening in california, maybe that should be a barometer. tax increases in the state of california and raise revenue and look at the revenues have not gone up. >> a lot of republicans see california and americans,
-- particularly the conservatives, what are the rules we are playing under? is this meant to be a chilling action for other conservatives? is it -- a warning to the new freshmen? what are the rules? >> is there a g.o.p. split right now in your opinion? how does the g.o.p. get to the negotiating table when the party seems like there are fissures? >> that may be the single most important thing going on here. i have no intention -- i did not want to start a family food fight. the fact of the matter is, we have to be unified to take on this president because this president seems just focused on raising taxes and avoiding the real issues, and that's the explosion of the entitlement costs. a fissure with the conservative base in the republican conference is not helpful. we need to bring the family together and march forward on the principles that got us there. we are the conservative party. we understand economic growth. let's focus on it. >> with that in mind, i want to get your reaction to a growing number of your colleague who is are speaking out, saying, maybe we do the tax hike on the top 2% and s
to a psychiatric institution. >> shepard: wow. more funerals today as a result of his actions. >> yeah. two funerals today and two more funerals today, all of them for six-year-old kids and the two funerals this morning and this afternoon were back to back at the saint rose of lima church. the first was for james mattioli, six-year-old boy whose family says he loved recess and math and as his casket was being carried out, mourners were arriving to remember jessica ricos, who said to have loved horse, one of 20 kids who passed away far too soon. >> shepard: how much love and help coming really from across the nation around the world, rick. >> yeah. some of it coming in different ways. some people donated the coffee shops so mourners could walk in and get a free cup. others are donating to the united way. we saw dogs in towns with handlers who work for a ministry out of chicago. they brought their dogs to visit some of the schools and some of the makeshift memorials that have been popping up. >> it's like we find reassurance and comfort and dogs do that. >> the mourning is far from over. more
contributed to belcher's actions, he could have made other choices. you cannot save people from themself. bill, what's with the $10 fine for saying cool or awesome on the factor? just applies to staff, darrell. this is a no cliche zone here. we have a bunch of younger people working for us. sometimes the conversation sounds like an episode of american bandstand. the fines go to charity. ryan from cleveland, tennessee. i am eight years old and watch the factor almost every night. you know what, ryan? i appreciate that very much. so i'm sending you a nice christmas present. hope you enjoy it. finally tonight, the factor tip of the day, as you may know, we raise money for the wounded warrior project and for the fisher house which provides support to the families of military people hurt in action. we're pleased to announce that the sotheby's auction house here in new york city will put a wounded warrior's poster signed by all five living american presidents up for bid on december 14th. there are only three of these posters we know in the world, and nothing else signed by these five all together, s
for your action. >> absolutely. i don't think the intentions were bad. but the cowboys should know about the controversy people on the sideline to give them bad headlines. remember when jessica simpson dated tony romo? they have been through this before. but i agree you have young kids in the audience with family watching the game. they know what happened. it makes it seem you can do this and be on the sideline. they said they are not going to let him on the sideline anymore. it's very smart. i don't think they did it maliciously, though. i understand they want to support him. but if it happened on our team it would be weird. would have could you not notice he was there? >> bob: how do you not notice? he has been in paper and the press. we know who he is. it was a terrible decision to have him there. this guy is responsible for death of one of the teammates. may have been his best friend but he drank, got drunk, flipped a car over and teammate was killed. he needs rehabilitation up and go to jail. he should not going to sideline of the dallas cowboys game that shows me the cowboys are --
live. there are those teachers in a calm quick thinking action saved many lives they are heros also. i was walking around to see what was going on. there are many dozens of people coming to lay flowers or leave stuffed animals at one of the makeshift memorials like one at the christmas tree. it's a christmas tree beautifully decorated you know on the calendar next week is christmas but really you don't get a sense walking through a town that has been so devastated with many people coming to pay their respects basically coming and walking around in complete silence you don't get a sense that people are having an easy time coming into the spirit and you wonder if they will. >> live faply and friends saying their final farewell. two of the shooting victims are laid to rest. >>> white balloons lining the block outside of one funeral home. a tribute of the life being remembered inside. the youngest victim 6-year-old noah pozner who was remembered as a boy who liked animals video and mexican food. he used to tell people he worked in a taco factory. >> he was celebrated as a pure, innocent ch
is the key. will they move in and after those who opposed morsi? do they take further action? listen, now, to david from the washington institute. >>guest: will the military open fire on the crowds? that is where the military would not maintain this type working relationship with morsi and where it would judge that it could lose its credibility and it would not basically kill description civilians in the service of the muslim brotherhood. >>jonathan: tomorrow, protests on both sides will be a key day. >>shepard: talked about the protest. how important is the referendum vote? >>jonathan: very important. that hands back to morsi a great deal of power again so that is why the opposition really has a few choices, they can protest in the street and try to make it so chaotic that the everendumb cannot move ahead or boycott the referendum or hope that the united states and others apply a lot of pressure on mohammed morsi to be more incluive. officials at the state department are not involved right now. >> there are strong opinions in egypt about both the substance of the constitution and the pro
action. viagra. talk to your doctor. >> brian: time for your shot of the day. this is channeled letter and cooper osborne. they have marshalled autopsy great effort in colorado to raise money for sandy victims. trying to rebuild, so everyone that donated money would sign this poster and then they took the money, $620, and mailed it to the red cross and then what they did is rolled it up -- >> steve: how long is that? about three feet long? >> brian: let's see. everybody that gave money in colorado in that area -- >> gretchen: that's longer than three feet. i'm 5' 3. >> brian: they all have nice phrases on there, stay strong, god bless you. you're in our prayers. >> steve: trust. it will be okay. >> brian: yeah. this is fantastic. colorado springs cares. so everyone in the new york, new jersey area. >> gretchen: that's fantastic. that's at least -- >> brian: kids are doing it. which is amazing. >> gretchen: $620? >> brian: over to the red cross. >> steve: from kids, that's great. every little bit helps. hey, good morning to you. >> gretchen: hi there. >> steve: how are you? >> gretchen:
of them thought the union actions were despicable with one saying, and i'm quoting here: the survival rate -- speaking of pancreatic cancer -- is so low, it is one of the least-funded cancers. it's hard to understand why people would protest an event like this. the union, of course, beliefs hardball tactics are sometimes necessary to get what they want. we contacted the union, they have not yet given us a statement about this, but needless to say, they didn't gain a lot of support by showing up at this cancer fundraiser and protesting. megyn: did you have to walk through their protest in order to attend this thing? >> reporter: well, yeah. i mean, they were letting people through, that's our understanding, but they were standing outside, and they were screaming at the ceo, mostly aimed at james dolan, saying that he was greedy, and his band was playing. so, i mean, that's not all -- you look at the signs there. there are people kind of walking by there. they weren't stopping people from attending, they were just making it very clear what their stance on this was. megyn: all right. trace, t
action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. >>neil: conservative comedian has made doubters look like morons and he and dennis miller by themself could take on the whole comic mainstream establishment. the latest project proves it. he goes to michigan in search of simple answers on the fiscal cliff to what make as democrat. he got some good answers and good laughs. >> should we raise taxes? >> i don't know. >> anything over $1 million. >> the household makes $250 should they be taxed like the richest? >> no. >> you disagree with raising taxes on families only making $250,000. >> yes. >> that makes you a republican. >> a republican. >> no. >> that makes you a republican! >> welcome. when you went back and people say, your views sound more republican than democrat, what did they think? what did they sayst well, the video shows if they novembered as conservatively as they live their lives we would see a different demographic, but that shows the media is perpetuating the likes attributed to republicans being conservatives and repu
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to take action as well. he pointed out that as president he has been down this road too many times. he has grieved with families of four different mass shootings in this country. more must be done to protect our children. >> can we honestly say we're doing enough to keep our children. all of them, safe from harm? we're all together there letting them know that they're loved and teaching them to love in return? can we say that we're truly children of this country the chance they deserve to live out their lives in=3 happiness and with purpose? i've been reflecting on this the last few days and if we're honest with ourselves, the answer's no. we're not doing enough. and we will have to change. can we do, what will we do as a nation? martha: connecticut senator joe lieberman is call for national commission on violence to take on this issue and get our arms around it in a nonpolitical way is what so many people are calling for. he joins us later this hour. we will speak with him. we've got much more ahead this morning and we are following some other stories that are happening out +++;÷& [ fis
she's always ready to take action, no matter how wily... or weird... or wonderfully the market's behaving... which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> almighty and ever lasting god, as we grieve the loss of live life in the newtown connecticut shooting show us your way and teach us your path. >> that was a prayer in the senate ahead of a moment of silence on the floor for the victims of the friday school shooting. as a parent how do you explain something so evil for the children who ask what happened. here is the pastor at lima catholic church told the brothers of one of the young victims. >> i started talking with him. he said to me i don't have anybody to play with any more. i have lost my best friend. i said to him that god is going to send you some wonderful new friends. you don't have to be afraid. you will always have your sister in your heart and i said to him you don't have to worry because she is very safe because she is with god we talked a little bit about what heaven was like. he realized that she was going to be happy, that she was
or prevent every senseless act of violence in our society, but that can't be an excuse for an action. surely we can do better than this. in the coming weeks i will use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens from law enforcement to mental health professionals to parents and educators in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. >> on monday white house press secretary jay carney says the issue will require a, quote, comprehensive solution, end quote involving gun control and other measures. and dianne feinstein has said she will introduce a de phak toe renewal of the ban expired in 2004. republican congressman noted on fox news sunday that stricter gun control does not necessarily mean that crime rates go down. >> washington, d.c. should be the safest place in america, it is not. ig chicago should be safe. it is not. their gun laws don't work. >> ambassador on monday, the senator who is an avid -- i'm sorry, democrat who is an avid hunter and nra member. he said gun control legislation should be -- needs to be part of a discussion. have we -- are we see a
and delayed the weekend premiere of a new action thriller, and the film society postponed a discussion with tom cruise out of respect for the newtown families. and science fiction channel rescheduled violence at a high school until next week and another special from december 26 is moved to january 6, and our sister company, fox shows repeats of family guy and american dad on sunday because of potential licensive content in the new episodes scheduled to arab and show time airs a warning for viewers before a show of a serial killer and homeland, a series of terrorism saying "in light of the tragedy that has occurred in connecticut the following program contains images that could be disturbing, viewer discretion is advised." i would not bet we have seen the last of violence on the screens but for now, it seems to be hollywood's way of paying respect. >>neil: so, thank you. is hollywood going too far? or is there a real problem with the onscreen violence? we are asking to moms. overreaction? >>guest: nothing is an overreaction but there may not be a direct causal relationship between viole
was this danger of being shot by the suspect. forcing the officers to take action. >> a lot of news cameras rolling on this today. and several shots fired and as they wounded the suspect and ended the standoff. >> and trying for several hours for this to end peacefully and very unfortunate. >> they did rescue that second hostage who was not hurt. the suspect later died at the hospital. and christians feeling threatened in their own country. now making a new home in hours. how their dreams of religious freedom are leading them to fill up the church pews in america. and also these two dj's thought they'd have the last laugh. you may know them by now, they impersonated the queen of england seeking information about kate middleton's pregnancy and their prank phone call apparently linked to the death of the nurse who fell for that hoax. will that tragic turn take investigators to australia? initiated. neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's
taxpayers affected by the increase as possible. moving down that path is the right course of action for us. >> plan "b." house republicans are expected to vote on this, on thursday. it would essentially keep taxes the same for everyone below $1 million. there are some republicans who have a problem with the tactic already. some of them are weighing in. >> once you cross that line, some people, some people -- [ inaudible ] i think a lot of members are struggling with it. >> bret: some republicans are not happy with it. the white house turned it down. but negotiations are continuing. so where are we? bring in the panel. tucker carlson, editor of the dailycaller.com. a.b. stoddard associate editor of the hill. and sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. 14 days from tonight. by the way. >> start of the day i was feeling optimistic in a way i have not. it surprised me but it seems that things are moving quickly. things are moving on both sides. the white house saying this is not the final offer. but by the end of the today it's clear that the republicans-meeting with the leadership this morni
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